Why don't kids have rights?

whay are adults the boss of us kids.why must we do exactly want they want when they want it.why oes freedom of speech not apply to us?

Answer #1

Because you are a child - you are not fully developed in every way - you do not have experience to fall back on - education / common sense to fall back on - have ‘wordly’ knowledge as to how things really work - lack the ability to discern ‘your best interests - other than this and more…you’re equal to an adult.

Answer #2

Children don’t have the responsibility to take care of themselves until the age of Eighteen. Yet, I still think eighteen year olds are too immature to be in control of themselves. Your Parents gave you the opportunity of Life, so I would Respect them even if they are bossy. Remember, they may have given you Life, they can just as easily take it away. (:

Answer #3

Dear icarussan, Children have a lot of rights…you use them everyday. The right to a good education, the right for shelter, food etc. The human brain develops for a long period of time…it is not until you are in your mid twenties that you develop a part of the brain that makes good decisions. This is called the executive part of the brain. So making the proper decisions is difficult till then. It may seem like you are making good choice but that’s because that part of the brain isn’t quite developed yet. This doesn’t mean all adults make good choices but it does mean that as you get older your choices will become better. This is where some phrases such as mom knows best come into play. When you become an adult you will wish you had other to make some decisions for you again. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

Would you take advice from a three year old? No… because their life experience amounts to squat. A three year old doesn’t know anything compared to your vast knowledge. You’re in school, you have friends, you earn money, and you constantly learn more every day, right? A three year old knows nothing but toys and cartoons.

That’s kind of how adults look at you. But look at the bright side, the older you get, the more responsibility, privilages, and choices you are allowed.

Answer #5

Because even though they seem like they don’t know what they are talking about most of the time they do. Their talking from experience they were young once too and probably went through the same things you did or saw it happen to someone else. The things they are doing is because they love you and want the best for you even though it doesn’t always seem that way.

Answer #6

you have your freedom of speech it boils to to simple respect for your elders nobody said you cant talk or ask questions thats a good thing it means your are will to learn by asking things it shows that you are a mature child but thats what you are a child let your parents guide you until you are ready to make your own disistions until then enjoy your youth sweety and leave the issue for your mom and dad to deal with.

Answer #7

I know what you mean it really bugs me At school, they teach us about sex and drink and drugs, and tell us to make the disecion but you should say no. Sex as well don’t do it if you dont want to but hears a free condom any way.There telling us we are youn adults but were not aloud to make our own oppion heard. But they still tell us what to do and have a go at us for lying to them. Just don’t listen

Answer #8

kids do not have the capability to survive on their own, your parents and teachers are supposed to be providing examples of how to live. you- being a child have the responsibility to LEARN what your teachers and parents are teaching you. ever heard the horror stories of kids who have run away? most times they get taken in by the criminal element, and forced to do unspeakable things. all of us have had to face a childhood, some good- some bad, but to be a functional adult in society- YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR PARENTS ARE TELLING YOU!! unless the thought of being a street urchin juvenile delinquent jailcell dwelling burden on society is what you are aspiring to. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU ON THE STREET, JAIL, OR PRISON. but hey, I am an adult- what do I know. try the street life- and we’ll be seeing you on the news, or on some documentary on the prison system- whining about how you made the wrong decision because you were just a kid who wouldn’t listen to their parents. GOOD LUCK.

Answer #9

because we are not ready to confront the difficulties of the life. we still have to learn loads of things before we go on our own …

Answer #10

I have never done what adults want I dont listen you them.

Answer #11

are you alive? thats why

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