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I need help every time I go tuu shave down below afta it comes up in little itchy lumps and when I am in a public place its a bit embarresing to scratch down below when it feels like everybodii is looking at me does enii one no how sto stop these lumps acurrin

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I am an exotic dancer, so defenetly know how to fix your problem. Use Dove deoderant and shave downwards till you get used to it, and put deoderant on 2-3 times a day give it aweek and yourgood to go no more ichy and no bumps.

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in the beginning it helps if you shave with baby oil. keeeps the rasor burn to a minium but the first few time theres no a lot of help but after you do it to a while that stops

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hmmm I have the same issue somtimes. it sucks!!! shave after you have alredy been in the shower for like ten minuted it really helps

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