Will nair irritate my pubic hair area?

I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.

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you can go to the store and buy special cream for that area after shaving/waxing. one of the creams is called: bikini cream. i use it and it stops the itching , and the red bumps

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it doesnt at all.
I tried it.
but you have to use the sensitive skin one
because the inner folds of your vagina are super
sensitive if it gets in there and it could
irritate you but it wont really hurt...
trust me

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Everyone is different. If you have sensitive skin it might irritate it so they tell you to test it on a small spot first.

Nair is strong enough to take off hair and if it's not, leave it on a little longer, but no longer than 10 minutes.

If that does not work they have similar products that do the same thing and are designed for very course hair.

I think even nair for men would work.

But there is no doubt a product similar to Nair would take off hair down there.

The only thing is it might not stop the red bumps. I know for me it doesn't. The only thing that works for me is waxing.

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Regular Nair for legs will burn you bad enough to make your skin bleed. Trust me, I tried it, and I cried. I'm almost positive that they have a Nair for bikini line. There's also bikini wax, but pulling the hair out that sticks to the wax, can make you want to cry, but you won't. Good luck!

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it works good on legs when I use to use it but for the pubic area im trying it soon too. But dont do it too often especially down there because its a sensitive place that can get irritated easily but I dont think as much as razers does there in my opinion.

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A friend of mine uses it for her pubic hair. You have to be careful not to get it on the inner folds or sensitive skin of your vagina. They used to make a roll on nair but I've never found it.

Try the Nair for sensitive skin. It works on pubic hair, trust me.

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1234554321 has a point.

dont use Nair, it irritates you.
My best bet is to just wax. Put up with the pain, at least all the hairs wont grow back for a long time.

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I think it works great! I use the kind for your pubic area! Im Black and my pubic hairs are very hard to remove but this works and I used it all over and had no irritation!

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Just Waaxx ;)

Hahaha Tissues At The Ready :)

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Hmm i dont think that nair would be strong enough to remove pubic hair in the first place and if you think it might make you brake out or irritate you you might wanna go to the store that has nair in stock and read and see the places you can apply it but if i were you i would try something else the last time i used nair i found it to be a joke because it didnt work for me.Your best bet is to keep shaving just tell your mom your razors are dull and you dont wanna cut yourself and if there rusty thats not good at all she will have to break in sooner or later.

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Hell yea, Nair irritatez you down there. I tried it myself, and wuz itching 4 dayz down there...I don't wish that on anyone, so don't try it!

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ummm I used veet and I like it way better than nair cause nair smells like hell

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Becareful with nair I used it once and it I messed me up pretty badly to the point that couldn't nothing touch anything down there I stayed home naked for a few days I use the sally hanson hair remover

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Nair remove pubic hair just found you might have to go over little spots with a razor but anothor then that it works for me. It's just everyone is different some people skin are to sensitive so that might cause irration.

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yea I used it just now on my brazilian..not a good idea people! I say use the nair for bikinni or just wax . I agree with the posts above dont try nair for arms on your vagina! :(

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1234554321 Hass A Point :S

Ouchy Ouch!


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SUCKED!!! it hurttt sooo baddd..made me bleed!!

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