Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?


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Guys like LITTLE to NO hair. I shave/wax and my hubby loves it! I like it much better too. Give it a try, if you don't like it you can always grow it back ...right?

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I like my girls with none at all...

And I have none at all also..

No hair..done deal...

It taste better also..haha

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well coming from a guys perspective, SHAVE your UGLY GOD DAMN BUSH ITS UNATTRACTIVE. but at the same time as that other person said its hot 2 have a landing strip

Should guys shave their pubic hair?
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I like a lil hair there.. it is womanly to see it.

Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?
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So if I have pubic hair, the guy I like will think it's unattractive? What if it hurts to remove it?

Do girls like males to shave pubic hair?
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Yeah I hate it when it itches, and gets red bumps, so be careful. It horrible and sooo irittating if you itch, its like you never stop.

How to remove pubic hair?
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Tastes better without...

How you grow pubic hair?
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I like it anyways dont really care but they cant have too much hehe later

How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?
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I personally prefer a landing strip. My advise even though I am a female. guys dig it everytime I go to shave it my boyfriend tells me not to

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I like my girls with none at all...

And I have none at all also..

No hair..done deal...

It taste better also..haha

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As I guy I prefer that they shave because its really nasty when your with a girl with a huge bush

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My husband likes none at all!

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I'm a girl and I know for a fact, that MOST guys do not like girls with pubic hair, I shave mine. If I were u, you should too.

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I've been told by loads of lads they prefer none.. so do it I have before =] ooo but dont use a shaver its painful and itchy best is sensitive hair removal cream =D

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I know it's a little painful, but waxing... works best. it lasts for a month, the problem with shaving is that when it starts to grow back... it is really itchy or you get red bumps or even ingrown hair. so, try waxing, and yes! Guys who are younger than 40... hate hair!

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you are all pathetic. everyone of you is a drown to the seething social construct that created. Look past the social instincts. Is that not what human have capacity? Is self recognition not the essence of human choice? The choice to accept our instincts or to embrace them. None of you has such a choice; your minds have been bent to receive the typecast of your gender.

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My hubby just adores it when I'm silky smooth for him! Actually we both enjoy the look & feel of being shaved smooth (bald) for one another since we've been married, but recently we have been going together & getting waxed (Hollywood style) & we have been sleeping in the nude ever since as well. We usually shower together daily as well. We simply just love it! It's especially nice to feel each other's silky smooth skin when lying against one another. It's especially nice when we are spooning & I can feel my hubby's beautiful, 23 cm's ( 9 in.) of silky smooth manhood pressing against my back side, or between my thighs & feel him getting aroused in the wee hours of the night or early mornings, I simply love that feeling! It's like having a warm, throbbing blanky at night to keep me happy & warm especially if I get a little chilled during the night. It's also great when my hubby wakes me up or I wake him with a little oral pleasure, to start the day it's always a very welcomed surprise to be awakened in such a beautiful way by both of us! Were just a very happy couple of smoothies! ;-)

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