Do girls like males to shave pubic hair?

im male.. I hv shavd my pubic area only once and it was damn itchy. nt doing it aftr that. Now its bushy.. girls pls tel me whthr 2 shave it or nt.. how do girls prefr for males 2 hv pubic area.. bushy? trimmd? shavd?

Answer #1

personaly I like it when guys trim it like really short but as someone said if you completly shave it it can sometimes make you look like a preskooler. lol. that wouldnt be good. but its nasty to have a huge bunch of hair. I mean, yuck.

Answer #2

bushy is sick..

bald is gay..

hairy but not o.t.t is good (: x

Answer #3

TRIMMED…thats the hottest way because you dont look theres a forest down there but then you dont look like a pre-schooler so dont worry trimmed is the new shaved…

Answer #4

I dont really mind pubic hair too much. but I do like it shaved every once in awhile. if ya dont want to shave I would say trim it :] but dont let it get real bushy, its not all that appealing. its like a girl having a real hairy vagina

Answer #5

I Cant stand it when lads shave down there, it looks kinda unatural, instead try just trimming it now and again, thats what my boyfriend does, and it makes all the difference :) x

Answer #6

Shaved is preffered but trimmed is a lot better than bushy and probably more comfortable for you. a bush is a big turn off and all the bacteria hair holds will make a gross smell.

Answer #7

a good trim is always good. no girl likes a bush. (:

Answer #8

Trim it just shave your underwear line .. I keep it short


Answer #9

having a large bush makes girls wanna puke when it is shaved it sumtimes pricks us when we try to you no what right people so having a trimed bush makes it easier to have fun down there like sumone said when we have too much vagina hair it looks a bit sick and we girls usualy don’t fancy a huge forest in our faces when we are trying to have fun so you guys also should just trimm it and let us have a go!!! :D

Answer #10

i like to give bj’s and deep throat but i hate bushes! its nasty but i like to know you can grow some so i like some hair there

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