What kind of pubic style do girls like on a guy?

Trimmed or shaven? some of my friends say their girlfriend’s like it when its shaved down there and some dont shave, they just trim. So I was wondering what kind of style is better suited by the girls views.

Answer #1

I personaly think that a shaven man looks like a pre pubecent boy. I think neatly trimmed is the way to go. It looks good and neat while still maintaining your man hood!

Answer #2

girls honestly dont care too much, as long as its not scary looking down thur. if a girl cares enough about that to like break up with you or get mad then shes def. not worth it. I know a lot of guys who trim though and thats fine. I think an all shaven guy would seem kinda gay like that he cares a lot about what his junk looks like, which is a little weird to me.

Answer #3

to ibhzuzu

thanx, thats actually kind of reasuring

Answer #4

I think a big huge forest would be enough to camp a squirrel and a turn off…

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