Does lavendar make your boobs bigger?

I heard on the tele that lavander makes your boobs increse in size during puberty .

strange , I know .

but I was bored and I wanted to know if it is true because if it is im straight over to the shopps !

Answer #1

No nothing makes your boobs bigger not even some coor on a tee shirt. Your boob don’t need to be bigger because a guy will like you for who you are and also the way you look. Dont worry he out there but dont try to hard to find him

Answer #2

Nah, only thing that makes them bigger is a boob job which involved knives, silicone and BLOOD!! plus pain XD

Answer #3

no. thats a load of bullshit

Answer #4

hahaha nooo that doenst work. but if u eat alot of sugar filled foods your upper will grow. it will be in fat ofcourse and not real boob mass. but hey if your juss trying to fill oout a bra or shirt no one will ever know which it is =]

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