Wouldnt wearing sports bras make your boobs look bigger?

Wouldn’t wearing sports bra’s make your boobs look bigger?? Because every time I get fitted for something and I have a sports bra on it makes them wider on the sides. So what else could you do to make them smaller?

Answer #1

Yeah just wear a regular bra and so the fitting will come out right…

Answer #2

well um first of all I play volleyball and we have to wear sports bras well wear everlast sports bras they tighten your boobs so they wont look like double d’s..lol

Answer #3

stop wearing a sports bra lol haha you get fitted like that they just do mine over my tshirt

Answer #4

no I dont think so. and it makes your boobs a weird shape!! just get a push up and make the straps really tight thats a way better alternative

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