How do I make my boobs appear bigger?

My boyfriend wants me to send him pictures of me. (if ya know what Im talkn bout.) And I think my boobs are small. How do I make them appear bigger??

Answer #1

And I think my boobs are small. How do I make them appear bigger??

So, you want to LIE to your boyfriend?

Answer #2

You can put socks in them, :)

Answer #3

If you sendn them , I hope he sends them to other people . But if your caugght sendinq & recieveinq, you can be charged witt havinq child porno, & so can he . You can be known as a sexual offender your whole life.

Answer #4

Belive me sending sexual photos is ALWAYS a HORRIBLE idea!! You may think yall are in love now but eventually yall will probably break up and I belive you can guess where those photos will end up!! Just DON’T DO IT!! That’s my advise

Answer #5

u could do 1 or 2 things you could get really close 2 da camera or you could rap your arms around your breast so that he can only see the sides if he only sees da sides then he will naturally think that they are big until he gets a chance to see them for himself hopes this helps!!!

Answer #6

just be yourself…I dont think it should matter if your boobs are “small” or “big”

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