Will putting vitamin e oil on your boobs make them bigger?

my friend told me that vitamin E oil on your boobs make them bigger?is that ture?

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Jeez... Did this friend offer to apply the Vitamin E for you? Trying to figure out how this rumor was started. If you are having sudden growth from puberty or a pregnancy, vitamin E will help you avoid stretch marks. It isn't a miracle drug for bigger breasts.

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Vitamin E is an essential oil for skin growth and a good beauty oil it will make your boobs soft but as in getting bigger nope.

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There's really nothing that will make your breasts bigger. The only thing that you can make bigger is the muscles underneath your breasts, but this still might not make your breasts bigger.

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Quit being so obsessed with boobs.
its kinda dumb.

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sounds shady to me.

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No it won't make your boobs bigger.

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