Papayas make your boobs bigger?

I heard papayas make your boobs bigger. I hear almond milk does the same thing. Is this true? Also, does anyone know of any good pec excerises? (please don’t say “your boobs are fine the way they are” how would you know?)

Answer #1

No foods, products, or excercises increase your cup size.

Some hormone medications, surgery, or /getting fat/ will do that, though.

Answer #2

I don’t want extra hormones, and they make you gain a lot of weight too.

Answer #3

yeah I heard that too.. but I dont know lol. if you want your boobs to get big go on the pill

Answer #4

its true!! the pill does make them bigger I had to have my prom dress readjusted because I went up a full cup size to a DD =] xx

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