I can eat. OR do to make my boobs bigger?

is there anything I can eat. OR do to make my boobs bigger? AND NOT WEARING A PADDED BRA!!

Answer #1

drink more cup of milk in the morning

Answer #2

get on birth control. it will make your boobs a lot bigger.

Answer #3

I heard caramel makes your boobs bigger :)

Answer #4

what kind of food I must eat to make my boobs bigger

Answer #5

Padded bras make it worst. Your breasts sweat out the little bit of fat you have up there. Therefore, you get even flatter. Try rubbing butter on them.

Answer #6

umm whats wrong with a padded bra I don’t know if you eat that your boobs will go bigger wont it just make you fat and that will just make them smaller sorry cant help with this one your on your own

peace out ice babe!!! p.s wearing a padded bra is a bit extreme ay

Answer #7

Nope nothing, I suppose if you have a biggish stomach, if you exercise so it’s flat.. then you boobs will look better, but don’t take it to the extreme.

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