Healthy advice for a girl who hasn't started puberty?

When will I have puberty cause im 14 and I have not reached pubery yet help me

Answer #1

heyy you guys he’s a guy like 4 people answered as if you were a girl lol but yea normally it will be about from 12-16

Answer #2

Age range is normally 12 - 16.

Answer #3

puberty has nothing to do with maturity…as wikawikawoo said… every girl is different, dont worry, it will happen…relax!! :)

Answer #4

first spell correctly. That may be a sign of maturity. Ask your dad or older brothers (if you have any). I know someone who is sixteen and just hit puberty.

Answer #5

Its ussual for girls to hit puberty before boys. I know it easy for me to say but you really want to enjoy your childhood, and delay puberty, Be thankfull, youve got all this still to come. Theres nothing wrong with you, some people develop later than others, its just how our bodies work

Answer #6

Everyone is different. Maybe you will reach it next year, or maybe when you are 19. Do not worry about it! I got my period when I was 16 because I exercise so much which really put it off. Usually, puberty is genetic. If your mom started growing breasts when she was 10, and got her period when she was 13, you will probably follow somewhat of the same schedule. Girls without a lot of body fat, like 2-8% body fat usually take longer to menstruate and grow breasts and pubic hair. Just stay healthy and do not overeat or undereat!


Answer #7

you already going through puberty getting your period is only one part of it but by now youd be expiriencing the other changes every girl varies usually the get it between the ages of 12-16 before that is normal but not as common and after that is usually normal but not as common when your 17-18 and still havent got it then is the time to worry a bit and see a doctor to make sure everythings ok for now though just be patient also if your over exerscising or not eating/starvigng yourself that will put it off from comming

Answer #8

Guys hit puberty later then girls, so dont stress :]

you’ll reach it soon enough

Answer #9

every girl is different so just wait and your time will come

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