Does going to psycologists actually help?

Answer #1

if u want the help and go there for actual help and not cause u were forced to then yes, they can help… a person can only be helped if they want help

Answer #2

Absolutely, they can help, but it depends on your reason for going to one. AND … (very important) .. it depends on your investing yourself in the process. If you are unwilling to accept help, or have an unrealistic expectation, then you might not get anything positive out of it. Some problems respond well with fairly simple techniques - like EMDR - and others may take years of therapy A good psychologist can at least help you to understand what you problem is and how to approach it. I wish you well, and Good Luck!!

Answer #3

It helped a lot for me.

It depends on you as a person, your willingness to be helped and the reason that you are going.

What I find nice about phycologists are that they are someone I can talk to and they help a lot for me to organize my mind.

Answer #4

Yes…seeing the world through another persons eyes (a trained person, at that) does help. It gives you a different perspective on what you consider problematic. They also give you tools in order to help yourself.

Answer #5

Ok, there a lot of psychologists out there, just because someone is one does not mean they can solve your problem!

  1. It depends on what their expertise are in the field you need help in! not all psychologists are able to connect with certain people so when searching for someone, always go by word of mouth! Be sure you also understand that what helped for the person that refereed you to them might not be as helpful for you! schedule a visit & see how it works out, if you feel like you didnt make a connection with them move on to another one.

  2. Depends on how determined you are about fixing your problem(if you seem to have one) They can be the best psychologist in the business, but if you are not willing or can not commit to the sessions, of course it will a waste of time for both you & them!

  3. Depends on how deep or emotionally scared you are from a particular even/situation/scenario that may have occurred in your life. Sometimes it takes a lot more then just a few sessions, as stated above…it may even take months if not years…again depending on how badly your situation runs.

I hope all goes well & I wish you luck!

Answer #6

Yes it does help, it’s nice to know someone could listen to you and give you feedback from their point of view. It’s just a nice safe environment to rant and be listened to.

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