Do mental health counselors actually help?

are mental health counslers just stupid and do they help any one?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t assume they’re stupid and can’t help you - most probably their education resume is impressive - and yes, they help many, many people SEEKING help…Take care !!

Answer #2

if you want to get better, you tell the the full truth and try to do what they say, they might be able to help. it depends on the type of counselling and what disorder you are going to counselling for. a lot of people can be helped, although some never recover. good luck.

Answer #3

In order for a health counsellor to help a person, that person has to be willing to receive help. It’s a two way street. And the problems that need help usually took many years to develop, and have lasted and been ingrained for many more. So it shouldn’t be suprising that it takes time to help with them.

Answer #4

mental health consulers sre not stupid, they have to graduate to become one. as much as you think they are not helping and are just stupid they are not. I do believe they help people but differetn people need different consuling

Answer #5

I don’t know

I have to see a mental health worker/counceller perso some time this month, just waiting for my guidance teacher to tell me the exact date. Im really worried about it because im not good with talking to other people but I can talk to my guidance teacher and really open up to her but she cant help me too much cus she dusnt have the knowledge of it all and stuff. so…yeh…I hope this counceller does work.

Answer #6

they can do my one is helping me sort of but the last 4 were crap tho , its depends on what you think of them I think! but I do think that talking to some one you know is easier but talking to some one proffessional can help as they are trained to help you! xxx

Answer #7

yes they actually help… or atleast some of them do… and you really need to be open to what they’re saying…

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