HELP ME! am I going to die.

I just took 42 sleeping pills, am I going to die?

Answer #1

no way, you serious, if I just took an overdose, I would of gone to the doctors straight away not wasting time on here, asking if you are going to die hope your okiee

Answer #2

Why did you take 42? Thats a high number,even for the most oblivious person. Id call the doctor ASAP,and ask what cna happen.

Answer #3

call the doctor before you die

Answer #4

IF you have taken 42 prescribed sleeping pills, then honestly, you eventually may well die. that is after your kidneys and liver had given up processing them, and they fail. and the hospital will NOT be able to do anything…

if you have taken them -DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF SICK!

dial your emergency sevice number and get assistance, they may be able to pump most of it out your stomach.

if you make yourself sick, the bial produced from the sick can actually speed up the digestion and absorbtion process…

but f these are prescribed, then you may well achieve the result you originally desired…

why was this the only option…

Answer #5

…wouldn’t you be dead by now??

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