Where should I go? Please help!?

Please help me. This isn’t such a major problem, but I really wanan skipp lunch. I don’t eat because I have a stomach disease and it’s hard for me, and I am suffering from depression. So where should I go to skip lunch? Should I just stay in the bathroom or what? It kinda seems a little boring. Just please help. Thanks(:

– babycakes<3

Answer #1

why can’t you just sit with your friends in the lunchroom you don’t have to eat and if they ask why you aren’t eating (if they dont know about your stomach disease) then you can just say you’re not hungry

Answer #2

Come on, seriously, you expect us to buy that? First of all, if you’re suffering from depression, you need to eat regularly because that helps to stabilize your mood. As for the stomach disease, if that was why you werent eating lunch, you’d just tell people and sit with them. So exactly what is the real deal here?

Answer #3

well I do this to…and I will go to the library and sit in a corner with my friends. But remember dont get in trouble :) like I did today haha

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