Why Won't my acne go away pleas help ?

I’ve had acne for about 4 years. I wash my face twice a day and iam very stressed about it. I am 19 I have tried almost everything. I even went to the dermotaligest. Its really boders me I cant even go out and hang out with my friend please help?

Answer #1

I always wash my face 2 times a day but still it wont go away…does anybody knows if masturbation effect acne?‎

Answer #2

I got the same problem but my cousin whos a cosmetologist, said wash yo face 2 times a day WITH HOT WATER ONLY, but if you like, you can but a daily facial cleaner

Answer #3

Try putting baby powder on your face after you finished washing it at night, it works for me.

Answer #4

wash your face with hot water

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