What is probiotic yogurt?

I’m reading this article on healthy skin, they said something about how Probiotic Yogurt has been know it help eczema. Does it? And what is Probiotic Yogurt?

Answer #1

Probiotics are live organisms that are put in the yogurt to help with digestion and offer other health benifits to the digestion system by interacting with natural organisms already in your body

Answer #2

Oh God…that sounds, nasty. But where do they sell it? Could you find it in Wal-Mart or a local Food Store?

Answer #3

You should understand that organisms evolve together. When they are beneficial to each other they are called symbiotic but when one lives at the expense of the other they are called parasitic. There are many micro-organisms in the human body that are symbiotic and beneficial; they are bacteria that co-evolved and serve many important functions in our bodies. In fact, there are actually more non-human cells in the human body than human. Since most of what we consider to be our bodies are non-human some have even suggested that each of us are in reality colonies rather than individuals. Lactobacilus is a bacteria that exists in our mouths and part of our intestinal flora; it is also the bacteria that turns milk into yogurt. We normally are host to plenty of lactobacilus but when we aren’t we can experience various problems. The most common reason why we lack lactobacilus is from taking broad spectrum antibiotics which can kill beneficial bacteria along with the disease causing bacteria. Eating yogurt with live lactobacilus cultures in one way to inoculate us with a new batch of lactobacilus. All natural yogurt should have lactobacilus but I understand that not all yogurt in stores do. Probiotic indicates that the yogurt contains beneficial cultures in large enough amounts to be useful to us.

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