Whats the catch with this low fat, sugar, calorie yogurt?

my mom bought two tubs. one tub is around 200 cals. ITS A HUGE TUB like 6-7 servings of yogurt per tub. 35 cals a serving. low carb, zero fat, zero sugar.. (splenda)… how could it be ? lmaoo it tastes sooo good. there must be so manny chemicals in it or soemthing?? whats the catch??

Answer #1

if you eat it too fast…you will die a slow and painful death. . . . jk . . . I dunno

Answer #2

yeah its bad for you but I dont really care. its better than getting fat in my opinion. yogurt isnt light and fluffy its gooey and heavy like a milk shake exept thicker. and I dont eat too many dairy products. and yeah, it causes weight gainn… unless it has zero fat.. logically I shouldnt gain any weight from a couple servings a day of this yogurt. it has no fat.

Answer #3

It might be healthier, since yogurt itself is already a healthy dessert treat. Enjoy less guilt when you have your frozen yogurt on an eco-friendly, spill-proof yogurt paper cup from CupDepot, that’s sure to help the environment.

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