Do any of you belive in jesus

Well do any of you belive in jesus

Answer #1

YES!,He is history just like anything else we read,and this is over 2000 years ago,he was put into the picture for a reason just like everything else,it’s part of are Righteousness, a test.Good Luck.

Answer #2

Assuming you are referring to the Jesus of Christianity, no. I also don’t think there even was a historical man upon which the stories are loosely based.

Answer #3

yupp I do! and im proud as I can ever be.. hes real hes the one that made all of this! he exists and is the almighty and forevr will reign… I hope you believe in him too you dont know how amazing it is.. its more then juss followin rules because honestly hes pretectin u.!! =]

Answer #4

I believe he existed, however the gospels are beyond stretched I believe he is dead, and is going to stay dead(though I also do believe in reincarnation, so I believe he’s reincarnated actually) I also believe if by some miracle he came back, he’ld be embarrassed by the masses who worship him and claim to follow in his footsteps.

Answer #5

Jesus as a historical figure may or may not have existed. There are few extra-Biblical accounts of Jesus and the few that exist are likely to be forgeries.

There is a lot to support the theory of Jesus being a composite of the hero/saviors of other religions.

We will probably never be able to prove if Jesus was a man or based on an archetype.

Answer #6

I can still understand when someone says that they believe in a god to me., but when it comes to jesus being the son of god etc etc… it just sounds a bit far fetched.

I do however believe that he existed, I just don’t agree that he was a god.

Answer #7

Some do. Some don’t. So keep in mind that you’re going to get the opinions of both with whatever you ask.

Answer #8

yeah but isnt that why theres jewish people. they believe in god but not jesus?

Christianity was based on Judaism.

Judaism = the Tanakh Christianity = The Bible = the Tanakh (a.k.a. Old Testament) + New Testament

The Tanakh is more than twice as long as the New Testament. So Christianity is roughly 2/3s Judaism. Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus, as you put it, because the New Testament (the part of the Bible with Jesus in it), isn’t part of the Hebrew collection of holy texts.

Answer #9

and im proud as I can ever be..

Pride is a sin, you know…

Answer #10

My friend Keaton once said to me, I don’t believe in Jesus, but I’m afraid of him. Well I do believe in Jesus, and the only thing that scares me is Keyzer Soze.

Answer #11

I think Jesus may have been the first great magician. Now we have Criss Angel. lol

Answer #12

I believe there was a man whom the jesus myth is based on, but I certainly don’t believe the gospel accounts of his life. Too many miracles and events that were taken directly from pagan religions.

Answer #13

LOL, jlw82.

Answer #14


Answer #15

No and yes. I think every god is just one big one..but is my faith to “ jesus” and the

Answer #16

yes, me!! I do!!

Answer #17

I do!:)

Answer #18

I do!

Answer #19

I do..


Answer #20

I do

Answer #21

I dont.

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