How many times was Jesus whipped?

I tried searching in my bible but I cant find the answer. Does it saying anything about the number of times Jesus was hurt? I heard my pastor talking about it a couple of times but I havent asked him were.

Answer #1

Jesus was scourged so horribly that his body was one continuous wound. His appearence was so disfigured that be was unrecogizable.

Answer #2

Actually, there are Roman census records indicating that the man actually did exist.

Look up standard Roman torture practices at the times. He was whipped with a device known as the “Cat of Nine Tails”. It was a stick with nine leather whips attached to it, bits of glass, bone, and metal embedded in it.

Answer #3

Not at all, seeing as though it never happened.

Answer #4

To near death.

Answer #5

lol, What a question… probably a lot!

Answer #6

I don’t think there is a record on that

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