please help me.. im going insane wondering whats wrong!!!

last thursday I took 2 pregnancy tests one had a faint line so I went back to walmart to get a digital one to make sure.. it said pregnant..well the next day I took another one the line ones, and it came out neg, so I went back to walmart to get a digital one, it said pregnant, then last nite I took 2 and they said neg, I got my period yesurday.. so im kinda confused.. why would 3 test say pregnant and 3 say not pregnant?

Answer #1

That’s some bad test that you got.If you period is heavy like it normally is when it first come on then you’re not period.But,because I’ve heard of women who have had normal periods throughout their whole pregnancy.I would say go to a Doctor.

Answer #2

Go to a doctor, sometimes the tests are not realible. If your periods is shorter or lighter than usual you could be pregnant, a doctor is the only way to know for sure.

Answer #3

A lot of times it depends on “how much pee you have in you”. I’m serious, if you just went to the bathroom an hour or two before you took the test then you don’t have as much of the hormone in your pee. That’s why on the tests they say that the first pee of the morning works the best. You probably should go to the doctor though to find out for sure. By the way, with my first child the line was also very faint.

Good luck

Answer #4

I heard the digital ones are more accurate than the line ones. But the doctor’s are more accurate than anything. ♥

Answer #5

Go to a doctor and let them see if you are pregnet or not. ((I think there is a special doctor who does that))

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