Who can help me, do you think im pregnant? Please help?

Hi there. I think that I could be possibly pregnant. Im 15 and my period always comes somewhere between the 1st of the month and the 5th. And todays the 8th. I took two home pregnancy tests and they came up as negative but I have signs of pregnancy: headaches, nausea, frequent urination, tender breats, missed period. And on the 2nd of this month I had some blood but it was really light and it was a light pink color and it didnt last for more than a half hour and that was one week after my boyfriend blew it in me. And I keep having dreams that im taking a pregnancy test and theyre positive. I know that I could possibly be pregnant because my boyfriend has blown it in me a couple of times. I’ve heard that planned parenthood gives out free pregnancy tests, is that true? And do you think im pregnant?

Answer #1

go to planned parenthood, im pretty sure they do free prego tests. you could just be missing a period, it does happen, but go get tested just to be safe.

if your no prego they have the day after pill, you can get that, or wear the patches that they sell.

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