Im just so tired of life, everythings going wrong for me

Im just so tired of life, everythings going wrong for me at the moment.. So much people died in my life my grandad, friend…and im having so much problems at school. I just feel like there no point of life no more you do the same thing everyday its like a routine and to b honest the only time im happy is when I sleep. Im feelin so depressed to top it all off im starting to feel ugly too.. I have noone to talk too and me and my mom dont get along. Im really sad. Im 14 by the way.

Please help me?

Answer #1

nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion!!! STOP thinking this way!! be positive!! wake up eveyday in the morning and keep thinking that today is a nice day, things will go right today, I am happy today, nothing will change my mood into sad today, I am happy today, I will have breakfast and go to school and start a new day with another adventure, things will change into better, I will be the best person I can be, etc. just be positive from the time you wake up, til’ the time you go to sleep, I’m 13, and I’m single, and trust me on this one, a boy/girlfriend won’t change your life into a better life!! just live your life happy!! forget about the past and live every second that passes by!! you will feel good when you become positive!! I promise!! hope I helped!!

Answer #2

totally listen to spartan…I’ve got a boyfriend that is up to his head in problems and depression…just keep going. the word hope exists for a reason…

good luck!

Answer #3

Look, dude. There’s much to live for, I’ve been through hell and back. My best friend died in my arms, I lost 2 friends to drugs, my parents always abused me mentally. I look over that now, I look at the bright side. I have a girlfriend that cares about me and loves me for me. You will too, I’m sure of it. Nothing is worth killing yourself over. You might not see a purpose for life now, trust me on this one, it gets better… I promise.

Keep your chin up, steve

Answer #4

u do not have at least one friend at school you need someone to talk to go luck

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