Please help im really depressed

I am really depressed I have realy low confedience and really low selfestem how do I get over dpression and how do I get my confidence and selfestem up

Answer #1

welll I have the same thing form what I know they will put you on anti deperessent they are supposed to helpo bt im not sure mayene talk to someone or do modeling that really helps you be confident well for me bt I don’t know talk to someone who gives you compliments and someone that you really trust

Answer #2

Hello, there hows you then? I understand fully where your coming from, hehe I am so afraid of my looks that I am now on a fitness regime (probs wont work)and I have tried to spell everything correctly aswell, but I bet you are a brilliant person really, you just need to be reminded of how great you are. I can try and help against your depression by talking to you on msn if you want, my addy is and no I am not some perv :) I am only 17 but please consider I hate seeing people in pain ok. luvs xxx take care

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