CAN you please help me I really need help

See I havent ate for five days cause I havent been hungry after eating a lot of sweets.. and everytime I see something sweet I get sick. yesterday I went to the bathroom and my poop was yellow like a banana and a lot of yeast keeps falling from my vag.When I eat something salty I spit it. I ate fries yesterday thats all I ate cause im not hungry im getting realy skinny can some one please help me I dont no what to do

Answer #1

Your body needs to get rid of all the sugar and fat before it can sustain anything else. It’s its way of cleaning itself out. Make an appointment with you’re doctor now for a few days later so that you can tell him/her what happened and you can avoid it later on. For those days leading up the the appointment eat only fruits, vegetables, and raisen bran regardless of if you’re hungry or not. good luck!

Answer #2

yea go to your doc thats not healthy what you doing

Answer #3

just eat lol hungry or not 3 times a day.

Answer #4

Go to your doctor.

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