Weird depression.. please help...

Hey… I have developed a few problems.. and I need some calming advices… before anyone tells me to.. I did go to my doctor.. but shes on vacation so… cant do anything at the moment. Okay so.. two months ago.. I had developed some weird depression.. it came from nowhere for no reason.. I cried.. I wos depressed and worried.. a week later I developed insomnia.. I started taking stilnox.. that fixed it instantly… than I felt like im ready to stop with it.. and I did.. ( this happened every single year ) than both my insomnia and my depression came back.. but waaay more depression is just constantly worried.. I have headaches because.. my mind blocks every positive tought aside the negatives… I shake like a coffee drowned bean bag.. like.. like if I would have a high fever or something.. and my depression is like.. have a counciousness for its own.. because its sabotaging my sleep! Every single day.. I worry about going to sleep and not being able to fall asleep.. and because my depression had no “face” it selected my insomnia as it’s presence and stuff… anyway.. my depression.. comes up with some negative tought EVERY day.. like.. if I think on that or do that I wont be able to sleep.. and it works pretty well.. im afraid if it goes on.. eventually it will come up with something that will completely prevent me from sleeping.. any help? Anyone ever had this? I feel so alone with this sort of thing. Ironic… I watched a lot of people on the net with similar problems when I wos “healthy”.. now im one of them.. funny.

Answer #1

ughh I have the same problem.. at least youre doing something about it

Answer #2

Im literally fightened of sleep now.

Answer #3

… join fightclub?

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