Can someone help me im so depressed right now

Can someone help me im so depressed right now I feel so bad please help me

Answer #1

I felt depressed this week too. It will go away but then come back again

Answer #2

I have things like that going on too! What makes you feel Depresed? You can always talk to somebody, and if your famely is unsoporthing like mine is then you could try wrighting the things that make you feel that way and brainstorm what you can do to make them feel better. Also try expresing youself in new ways and not caring what other people think. Everybody goes trough moments were everything just feels torn down. But dont worry sometimes you dont need of someone or anathing, the answer comes right from you! I write music poetry, but that is just my way, even keep a journal, sometimes that sounds corny but it does help! Good Luck! :)

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