im feeling really depressed over a lot of things help?

I’ve been felling depressed lately I asked my friend if I looked depressd he said I looked normal.I’ve had a lot of things that I’ve been dealing with does anyone know how to cheer your self up like right now im alone on halloween I wasnt invited to do anything with my friends and no one will talk to me its like im alone.

Answer #1

yeah it blows…

Answer #2

Don’t feel bad, you get to hang out here with us!

You know what happens to “friends” who are bad friends? Eventually they lose all their own friends - karma.

I’m sure that doesn’t help now, but keep your chin up…things have a way of working out.

Answer #3

Don’t worry about your friends,” well supposed to be friends’ you can talk to me if you would like :) you don’t need to be stressing urself out. I’m going through some things myself and all I can do is pray about it and things are getting better. Just keep your head up.

Answer #4

Pray about it! it always works! it never fails.

Answer #5

lol, can you see anything on it at all??

Answer #6

thanks but yeah it blows home alone with no one.

Answer #7

its buttt my screen is cracked :’ ^(

Answer #8

what’s your #? I’ll text u :)

Answer #9

what’s the area code??

Answer #10

ok :)

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