Im bullimic and I cant stop! PLEASE HELP.

so I have been bullimic since I dunno about october 23, 2007 and now it is december 10, 2007. my mom knows and shes getting me all the help I can get. I have therapy, I have to go to the doctor every three weeks to get a check up for the next couple months and I have to face my parents lectures everyday. my brother wont even look me in the eye anymore. since I was caught about two weeks ago, I still havnt been able to stop. and when my mom asks me when the last time I threw up was, I tell her the truth because she deserves it. I feel bad because im putting my parents through a really really hard time and im starting to see a difference in my health too. I tell myself everyday to stop but I just cant. my parents know that I always use the bathroom to throw up so they dont let me go in there after I eat anymore, but now, its gotten to the point where I throw up down the drain in the shower. I’ve even thought about having some sort of container in my room and throwing up in there. and then emptying it when my parents arent home. overall,. I really just need help on ways to stop. im not only hurting myself, im hurting the people that really love and care about me

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE help me stop I cant take my mom crying anymore and I want my brother to respect me again

I DONT WANT TO GO TO THERAPY and I dont want to hurt my body anymore I need advice. please!

Answer #1

you know the actually day you developed bulimia…I don’t know anyone who can do that! if you want to get better you will need to see drs and have things like counselling. I wish I knew how to stop bulimia. god luck.

Answer #2

Its great that you know you hurt the people who loves you.Tell yourself that you dont want to hurt them.Keep reminding yourself.As this illness is “mental problem”.Look into the mirror.And you’ll definitely see a different you.You are skinny.But unhealthy.Like a skeleton.No one like a skeleton.Try your very best to stop.Good luck!^^

Answer #3

well first off do you do make yourself throw up everyday or just once in awhile?

Answer #4

djkfhsdjfhsdjh. yummy guys. 129 as of today. im frikking fat.

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