Im 6 weeks pregnant and I think im bleeding help

Ok so im 15 and 6 weeks pregnant it be confirmed by a doctor and everythings been ok ; I get cramps relly baad And I always need to go to the tolete. Also im bleeding about the same as a 6 teardrops And it like a light pink/ brown color is this normal please help xx

Answer #1

That does sound normal…a lot of woman get a little bit of pink/brown spotting when they are pregnant…but if I were you I’d still just consult the doctor because of the cramps that you are getting…just to put you at ease and make sure that everything is still ok.

Answer #2

it is very normal. spotting is common in a pregnancy., the cramps are just small pains its ok. and iff your really worried go see a dr. and then you can feel at easy.

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