Why do some people go overboard with religion and make *everything* about God/the bible?

Theres nothing wrong with it, I’m just curious. My boyfriends family are the most religious people I’ve ever met and well I’m not really religious at all, they talked about how his grandpa keeps money from hid wife and acts like her personal bank and they started reciting bible pages about it, they even remembered the numbers. I honestly think they could give a bible sentence for each problem and if someones sick (just a cold) they’ll be like I pray to the lord, feel better or something. Again, there is nothing wrong with it, I just want to know why?

Answer #1

I’m sure they were raised that way. Their parents were probably the same way, & just passed it on to them. So they think it’s the right way - to be all about God and the Bible. I know a lot of people who are the same way. & They basically learned it from their parents.

Answer #2

Sometimes its the way they were raised other times. Its because something could have happend earlier in their lifetime that they needed some kind of miracle or something and accepted God into there life. I know many people like that.

Answer #3

I am really religious. But dont remenber the numbers. My parents werent religious so much. I just learned from gma. And i even went the wrong path for a lil while. Came back. I just feel its right. But i think people are like that because to them he is real and its important and serious to them. If u do believe in God then u will no he is supposed to ckme 1st before everything and everyone else. U put all ur faith and problems in him. Thats how ur supposed to be. Thats how God tells us to be.

Answer #4

as with any ‘faith’ people use it as a source of comfort, also, it is a very very fitting way to answer a lot of problems in life… in my opinion, losing someone and saying ‘god moves in mysterious ways’ is in no way a solution to a problem, and doesn’t even help you deal with it?!?!

but this isn’t about my flaws in a lot of religions..

most people, a massive of the majority of th population of this earth believe in ‘something’.. tho the beliefs may differ and the.. hmm.. fear (which ultimately most religions instil) is different.. the core and essence is to help people cope..

no different than a superstitions if ‘preying’ helped you get over the loss of your dog when you were seven years old… you may well continue that faith throughout your life thinking and believing ‘it’ gave you the strength to get over it.. and families are the most easily influenced of all.. your children are sponges and susceptible to a parents belief and routine..

and them being able to recall a chapter and verse? only shows how much they may have relied on this comfort.

alll i would say is, if you are not comfortable with it? that is understandable. it is polite when in the house of ‘believers’ to respect their choices and not question it. if you don’t agree with it, that is your choice.

but faith and belief is not a bad thing in general. my philosophy is, as long as I’m not trying to enforce MY belief on someone else, or try and MAKE them understand it, then I’m ok. it’s my choice for my belief, i don’t tell everyone about it, i don’t harp on about it, i don’t contradict what someone else believes.. my faith is there for me, because i hope, when we die, that it’s not ‘just it’ i do hope that we go on, so i am nie, i help people irl and i treat people kindly, i just hope for the same in return.

just understand that their reciting the bible is as much for the benefit of ‘god’ and his audience’ as it is for them. and if YOU really believe something is there? then you’d make it known you believed in them.

Answer #5

It’s how they were raised, how they see the world and how they back up arguements. It’s jsut another perspective, I guess.

Answer #6

It’s their belief in creation. They just want to spread it on and have other people take that in and believe in it too. The people who go really overboard and yelling. Well im pretty sure they’re just scared that less people are believing god. I on the other hand am an athiest. I chose this because it is more evidential than any religeon.

Answer #7

It could be by “habit” of upbringing, as some have said.

Or it could be because they feel G!d’s presence so intensely in the world and in their lives, seeing G!d’s face in everything that happens, every encounter, every person, and are filled with awe and gratitude.

Or because they are so constantly aware a sense of G!d’s absence that they are overcome by a deep and everpresent longing for the Divine.

Or maybe it’s something else. Why don’t you ask them? They would probably be very pleased to try to answer your question, even if you tell them that you’re just curious and not drawn toward it yourself.

Answer #8

I don’t want to offend them by asking or tell them I’m not a real religious persin because they might not like me, they think everybody who doesn’t believe in god goes to hell and stuff.

Answer #9

ppl have faced problems in ther life and they found there way through God. i think its a beautiful thing to have sumthn to go to in ut time of need, but i jsut wish ppl would stop hating on ppl for not believing the same thing. every1s differnet and if u believe in ur God u undersand he loves every1 cuz we wer made in his image.

Answer #10

Scared to lose the treasure that’s not there

Answer #11

If one decides to believe in an entity and follow it with all your heart, you lay down your life and become what you believe in. If you do it with your whole heart in will affect every aspect of your life. If one does not live what one believes in, one becomes are a hypocrite.

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