Why should I believe in the bible and god?

Why should I believe in the bible and god? If the bible was written by man, how is it the word of god? Why should I believe in the bible when people can just make a new book and call it the word of god like the book of mormon? Most people just tell me to have faith but I d can’t. I have never seen, heard, nor felt the presence of god. Does this mean god hates me? Does this mean I go to hell because I don’t know how to have blind faith? I for one have zero trust in peoples words because people lie, someone telling me god exists isn’t enough for me. Is it too much to ask god for some kind of sign that he is there?

Answer #1

I think the question asked, “Why should I believe in the bible and God?” So, why are there people in here telling you why you shouldn’t? Why are they trying to answer a question they can’t even answer, and seem offended or weak when they respond? Others say don’t give in to the trend, but what the hell is it they’re doing? And why do I feel like it makes them angry that we do believe, and they are trying to persuade us otherwise? I think ignorance prevents a lot of people from believing. If you only know about the bible and God from childhood stories or rare school teachings in a public school, and claim to not believe in Him, then you are being unfair to yourself. How can you disbelieve in our God with all your faith if you do not know anything about Him? This is why churches and bibles were established centuries ago; to inform the people and to bring peace. But if you do not allow yourself to be informed and continue to have disbelief, you are actually the majority, not the minority. Some say science was the only creator, but who made science do it all? God, the solar system, Earth and everything in it is beyond amazing and people should enjoy and get to know the wonderful things instead of judging them harshly before the chance was given. The more you learn about these things, the more you will believe and appreciate everything around you with an understanding of how it all serves a purpose. You don’t have to believe everything in the bible to believe in God, nor believe what all people in the church say or do. But negativity can sometimes overrule the positive, changing a person’s mind or making them weak to their faith. Life isn’t easy, and terrible things will happen for everyone; many at different times from others, which makes a person feel alone and lose their hope. They then think that because this happened, there is no God, because if there were, He wouldn’t let this happen to me. But how can you show your true self and prove you’re worthy if you were always happy and never became angry or sad? You cannot build your character without the bad experiences. You need them to learn from mistakes from yourself or others. They are mandatory like oxygen is to breathe. Why does God seem impossible and so questionable? Our own bodies are so complex, that after millions of years they are still not fully understood with many unanswered questions, so why isn’t that just as questionable? I would say that is impossible enough in itself without a creator! I would like a firm non believer to open mindedly study Psychology, study the anatomy of the human body (especially the endocrine system), study Geology, or anything else “science made” to really see how the more you learn about it, the more you realize it wasn’t made by anyone other than Him. The PROOF is all around you that he exists! What more do people want Him to sacrifice to earn his respect and love? Just truly “live” your life, and praise be to God.

Answer #2

did you know that for years and years the christians were ridiculed becasue the Bible spoke of a group of people called the hittites over 47times. there was no proof that the hittites existed at all until evidences such as the Rosetta stone was discovered. where the hieroglyphics backs up some stories in the Bible. Hittite ruins were also discovered in Turkey.

Did you know that Isiah 44 prophecied that a man named Cyrus was going to dry up the river (read isiah 44:27-28)over 150 years before he was born. at this time Israel was in captivity to the Babylonians. You see, this prophecy was made 680-700 B.C., before Christ. And Cyrus, the Persian king, attacked the Babylonian empire in 539 B.C. So here is a prophecy made well in advance.

The Cyrus Cylinder in the British Museum backs up this story.

There are numerous evidences of the Bible’s authenticity. but only the Spirit of God can proove it to you. the Bible says that this book is Spiritualy descerned. you cannot understand it without God’s inspiration.

Answer #3

Actually I kinda think the same way…but I dont completely disbelieve the bible because some passages give you inspiration. Anyways I think what you should do lol is think that all these religions buddism hinduism christian catholic all have different rituals different things they do to somehow get closer to God. So I believe that God exists, but every religion minus satanism and atheists is mostly being a better you. I think in life we as human beings/souls we are all connected by emotions, spirituality, and love. If we are all connected and are like well brotha and sista if you want to look at it that way…If you hurt someone if all connected arent you in turn hurting yourself? why make urself sad? it doesnt make sense. Be happy and make others happy and understand who you are because you are a distinct soul that God has specially made.

Thats all you need to know…I just want to be happy. And try to be exactly who you are because being something your not and disagreeing with yourself on what your doing is ultimately betraying urself and hurting u.

The bible is a guide to understanding who you are and learning to love everyone unconditionally because hate jelously is a waste and your hear to grow within urself.

MY OPINION a different thought dont have to agree but to me it makes the most sense…be happy make people feel good, be you and dont do anything you dont want to do.

Answer #4

The Cross equal’s GOD and PEOPLE and JESUS is GOD and a person aswell. Why not believe.You well live a better life,full of Freedom and Love.We just didn’t pop up out of the blue,this is all here for a reason,as we shall all see one day.

Answer #5

In greek the Word is traslated as logos which means logic; therefore it is the essence of God’s logic. It was written by men of God who were led by the Spirit to record their testimony and experiences.

Answer #6

ninjajdawg13, good for you. You are escaping the cycle of brain washing.

Everything you said is spot on. It is unwise to blindly accept what others tell you, whether it regards religion, politics, brands of jeans, or funadvice.

Question everything, including my advice to question everything.

Answer #7

omfgeee I have the same problem all I can say is just go with what you feel inside to me people have there own beliefs and faiths and its true you cant just believe in something you have never witnessed or seen so I pretty much am not willing to believe unless I witness lol

Answer #8

but every religion minus satanism and atheists is mostly being a better you

Firstly: Atheism isn’t a religion Secondly: Why don’t they make a person better? You can’t just make such a far fetched statement without backing it up with some sort of proof or evidence.

Answer #9

rosealyn that didnt really answer the question…you kind of just took the opportunity to preach on your beliefs without really helping.

As for the question. As other people said already, you dont HAVE to believe in god or the bible. check out other beliefs. if nothing fits , why need a label? be you.

Answer #10

I believe in GOd cause I belive that there has to be a stronger sumthin out there to make this all happen but I dont believe in the bible or going to church even though I was raised catholic.I wonder the same for that one cause its is man written so is the 10 commandments and half the stuff in the bible isnt right. the stuff it says about woman and sum of the really gross things written in exodus section. but thhats just my opinon. I do think that it may not be god but there is a stronger orce out there. could everything around us happen by chance? I have no idea. but thats my opinon

Answer #11

yea I think it was already stated here but

wouldnt you rather live like theres a God and find out there isnt, then live like there isnt and find out there is?

Answer #12

I can think of a few reasons why you might want to believe in God.

Most people believe in God and if you go along with the crowd your life will be much easier.

It is much easier to believe what you are told than to think for yourself.

Religion lets you feel superior to everyone who believes differently than you.

If you are a heterosexual guy the Bible teaches that wives must obey their husbands.

There is also Pascal’s Wager. If God exists and you don’t believe you will be tortured for eternity. If God doesn’t exist and you believe anyway than it will at most be an inconvenience. Since the payoff of believing in the Christian God him being real is infinite than if there is any chance that this God exists the expectation is infinite since any number no mater how small times infinity is still infinity. I call this the God as a terrorist argument.

Answer #13

Try some other religions than Christianity… Maybe you can find your answer there!

Answer #14

Why should I believe in the bible and god?

There is nothing that required that you SHOULD believe in the bible and god.

Answer #15

sorry bro, nobody and I mean nobody can make you believe in god because nobody really know if god exists…so your gonna have to wait till you die to find out dude…

Answer #16

I dont belive but that is me if you dont think it is rule the dont nobdy is making you are they so all I can say is ‘there is two sides to every story’

Answer #17

I for one have zero trust in peoples words because people lie

So what is the point of posting your question on here?

Answer #18

No one said you should. You seem to be working yourself into a lather for no reason.

No one said you need to like mac and cheese or watch Nicktoons either, as long as we’re on the subject of things no one said you should do.

Answer #19

if your skeptical towards faith, research it, debunk it, become atheist. doesnt make you a bad person. im atheist on basically the same terms/reasons as you stated, plus scientific reasoning, and probability

Answer #20

btw God is capitilized and God is my Savior!!!

Answer #21

bro_tony, that might be my favorite answer of all time You win.

LOL Thanks!

Answer #22

bro_tony, that might be my favorite answer of all time You win.

Answer #23

because its your way to salvation

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