How much do people like scandals?

Answer #1

People only like scandals that aren’t about them or their beloved ones.

I think everyone occasionally talks about other people who do wrong. Even if they aren’t interested in celebrity scandals in the tabloid press.

Answer #2

It depends on in what context your talking about. In general - the public “likes” scandals and drama and its quite obvious by the number of magazines with made up stories and exaggerations that sell every week - compared to the amount of people who actually sit and read the newspaper.

Its almost like people enjoy seeing other peoples pain and misfortune and when it comes down to it, we are just plain nosey and feel we have the right to know anything and everything.

Just take a look at the headlines of the best selling magazines - celebrities cheating on their partners, obama and his supposed fake birth certificate, teen moms using dr.ugs and going to jail, secrets about micheal jacksons death, etc.

I’ll never understand why people feel they are entitled to know every personl detail about people they dont even know.

Answer #3

I don’t care about scandals ay, the only reason people kick up a stink about celebrity scandals is just that, because they are celebrities, who gives a sh!t right, people need to stop being so nosy, who gives a sh!t if Tiger Woods did this or Charlie Sheen did that, some people act like they’ve never made a mistake in their life

Answer #4

if were talking about celebrities, i believe people like reading about them, just because its somehow interesting to read about drama. i honestly could careless about any of it, they are people just like us. and yes people that aren’t celebrities can have things in their life blown out of portion and it sucks but were talking world wide blown our of portion and gossip, you kinda have feel bad for them but in the same respect they chose their lifestyle and took that risk when becoming a celebrity.

Answer #5

I don’t care for them. They’re only scandals because celebrities are famous, if it were any other person, it wouldn’t be considered a scandal.

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