Do British people not like americans?

I live in america and I love england and the uk in general more than the USA and dont like america all that much. what if im not the steryotypical stupid american who hates the lying american government? Will British people still not like me?

Answer #1

That’s a sensitive area. I would say ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ I lived in Britain for seven years. Because I was American many assumed I knew about sensitive topics like the IRA, nuclear weapons, and guns.

They were surprised that I was not really interested in those topics whatsoever. Of course, some just hated me for simply being an American. Some would not even want to know me, nor associate with me. That hurt my feelings, and I think it was really uncalled for.

However, there were some british that when they got to know me came to realize that even though I am from America, deep down I’m just a human being like everybody else. In a sense, I made some lasting british friendships. Even my wife is british, and british women are attractive, slimmer, and more flirty than American girls. But that’s just my opinion.

But deep down I am an American all the way, and I respect the British people.

Answer #2

yeah thanks that helped a lot. I don’t know my best friend asked me if I knew the answer cause were both going someday lol and she wanted to know so im asking!!! thanks again!

Answer #3

Being scottish I have nothing wrong with americans I have met americans and most of the ones I’ve met are quite like the scottish we have the right amount of arrogance and are njus generally up for ah good time

Where as if anyone classed me as an american I woldnt mind but if someone calls me british or english thats when I have a real problem!!

But generally everyone should love their own country so I dont know why your worried what athers think!!! Its more so down to stereotypical people who say things like all americans are fat Or all scottish people eat haggis and walk around wearin kilts Or all spanish people eat Paella and fight bulls

Its just people who judge before they know thats all!!!

Answer #4

I work at a bar in cambridge thats very popular among american tourists and from what I’ve noticed is that americans are very VERY chatty and like to have a laugh. But I have to admit that they seem to be narrow minded and attention-seekers and that they know very little about anything that is beyond USA. But most English people do not like the American government rather than the american people because of their obsession with war and gun ownersip and their lack of concern for the environment (which the English and most of Europe take seriously)

Answer #5

thanks dudes

Answer #6

Im British. And I Love America and american people. I have been to America a number of times, and they are just so friendly and welcoming. I think that America and Britian have got quite a lot of things in common and I think that we should stop asking which country is better, It is also not true that us Brits dont like americans, we need to get to know you first. XOXO

Answer #7

I love Americans. The majority I have met are friendly, up for a laugh and interesting. British people (particularly the English) may initially have a ‘better than thou’ attitude, but it’s just an inferiority complex. We lost an empire after all. But once a Brit gets to know you, they probably won’t really give a crap where you’re from, just who you are. Considering we are a very multicultural society, we meet a lot of foreigners. Americans are probably more of a novelty though. Not many of you visit Britain (particularly the north). There’s a lot of idiots out there on both sides of the pond. Don’t listen to the stupid twats.

Answer #8

Not all British people would hate you, loads would probably like you as long as you were nice. It’s just the rascist people but they probably wouldn’t mean everything they said. I think people would actually like your accent a bit because it would be unique! But not all british people hate americans because I don’t :] hehe.

Answer #9

As an American, I would hope they don’t dislike us. I know we’ve got our differences on certain topics, gun control and religion come to mind, but I’m willing to get along with Europeans. I honestly am a very big fan of the culture throughout Europe, and would love to see it firsthand. If you’re a good person, you’re a good person in my books. And when you think about it, Brits and Americans actually have a lot in common.

Answer #10

Umm, I personally will not dislike somebody based on the country they are from, but I have a Canadian exchange student friend who said that some racist idiots are rude to him, and I’m pretty sure it was all based on the accent. I personally don’t get it… For most people I think it has to do with the government making some stupid decisions - but I don’t think our govt is immuned to that either.It’s so hypocritical, and stupid, and irrational… and racist! Anyway, it’s not like people will throw rocks at you and yell at you… but you may have to work that tiny bit harder than some other people to squeeze that smile out of someone. Sorry to break it to you.

Answer #11

it is seen as a general rule that england is supposed to have some rivalry with america becausd we are both very pnwerful countries. I think that americans have been stereotyped to be over the top patriotic fat and rednecked basically where the stereotypical perception of english people is that they too are patriotic and snobby and prim and proper but believe me there are verx few people like that hdre nw. I dont think that the english dislike actual americans I think its the american government that the english don’t like.

Answer #12

americans and british people enjoy basically the same freedom except some of americas constitutional rights that england doesnt have. I think we all should be happy we dont live in an area of turmoil of dictatorship such as iraq. I bet those people would kill to live in america or britain. women, do you have to cover up every inch of your body because the guys say so and stay in your home all day? men, are you forced to join a terrorist cell and blow yourself up? no. I think I proved my point. british and american alike we should really stop complaining about the difference in freedom

Answer #13

I’m an American and I was wondering the same thing. im aware of the stereotypes of the people in my country. a lot of the time it’s offensive and even hurtful, when the majority of us Americans would love to get to know British people but we’re just “yank cunts” haha dont be too quick to judge us cousins, we’re pretty much one in the same. we just dont like soccer “football” that much… :)

Answer #14

every american I have met on mainland europe has been overly friendly..

most americans I have met in the uk definately stand out in a different culture.

to me, I see americans as attention seekers socialy.

having only visited california once - my opinion is somewhat limited, but basicaly everyone was either ridiculously friendly, or pretty anti.

a lot of beautiful people there though… we britts definately got bashed with the ugly stick lol

Answer #15

well, by saying you dont like america, and are not a typical stupid american, you are making yourself look like a total douche. love it or leave it. other people would kill to have the freedoms we have here. nothing against england, im sure its just great I’ve never been there. but dont down talk the country youre from. you have no idea how good you have it here. so what the government lies? so what! all governments do. believe me, the government here does a lot more for its citizens than other countries. what do you have to be so angry about anyway? lol

Answer #16

Hon, people are people. There are some Americans who are nice and some who are jerks. There are some Brits who are nice and some who are jerks.

Anyone who is going to prejudge you because you are an American probably isn’t the sort of person you should care about anyway.

Just be nice to other people and most of them will be nice to you.

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