Told you guys people didnt like Obama

Did you here about the “tea party” today? I totally would’ve participated if I was 18 but no one cares what you think if your not 18, Which makes me mad because not all teenagers are idiots. Anyways what do you guys think of it?

Answer #1

I don’t get it… Why is Obama an idiot?

Answer #2

Sure, they’re happening all over the country today - thousands of citizens getting together to show they are tired of, and demonstrate their opposition to: out of control spending, ever increasing tax burdens, citizens rights being diminished, all power being increasingly transferred to Washington and policies that are taking this country in the direction of a Socialist State - simply put, they Love America and don’t like this declining trend being imposed upon citizens. Taxed - Enough - Already !!

Answer #3

Whoop ‘te ‘doo. The original tea party involved potential real consequences. The equivolent of that today would be to refuse to pay your taxes. Nobody’s doing that, because this is a nation of cowards (me included).

Answer #4

I’m 19, I am so sad I wasn’t able to go, I had to work =( I would of been there but I didn’t hear about it until the day before and couldn’t call off of work by then…I REALLY wish I made it.

Answer #5

I would of went also,but im not old is getting a little rediculous all of the thinga Obamas getting our country thanks to the people in the united states jumping to conclusions that obamas this “great” guy,were stuck with him for another 3 years and sumthing days..going to be a scary experience.say bye bye to your expensive cars and nice houses.your house might be next to get foreclosed on! join the other 2 million people!

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