Should Obama have won the Peace prize?

It it too soon? Is he overrated? Does his foreign policy warrant this award?

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has he Jimahl?

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ant the person who won the Nobel peace prize had to win an election, and completely reverse Bush’s foreign policy of war over diplomacy.

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Good answer as usual Phrannie.

Answer #6

The person who got the Nobel prize for literature had to write a book first…how fair is that?? :)


Answer #7

Hell no obama shoud not have got the pice prize he hasent realy done anything

Answer #8

I’m not against obama or anathing but I really think that should have not. A prize like that he should be more helpful and give his life for our world or our country, sure he has helped us on somethigs but that is what was to be solved because he’s the president, that is he’s job. He should have done more and helped out more, he didn’ give enuff.

that is just my opinion, I’m not against him but you know sometimes you can get a little mad when something is won for no reason.

Answer #9

Personally I don’t think he deserves it yet but if he does manage to conquer terrorism in the middle east and manages to sort them out with a working democracy, then by all means give him a peace prize.

Answer #10

Seems to me it is more of a vote of encouragement and confidence than for accomplishments. I am still proud that he is being recognized for the dramatic shift away from unilateral decisions to diplomacy.

Answer #11

Who cares? It’s their money, they can award it to whoever they want, even terrorists like Arafat.

Answer #12

diplomacys dead.

Answer #13

For what? He hasn’t done anything that hasn’t been done before..

xox Sika

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