Parents not letting their children go to a friend's house

how come my dad wont let me go to my friends house? I will I always have my cellphone with me and ill give my dad my friends number just incase I dont answer even the adress and he still wont let me please help..he also says have to have an adult with me at all times or if not I have to take my sister and that sucks please help me and answer my question

Answer #1

I applaud your Dad, he’s doing his job !! - looking after your best interests (safety) because he Loves you and CARES - amny, many, many don’t…Be Thankful !!

Answer #2

well youre only thirteen years old youre just going to have to do as he says and then slowly prove to your dad that you can be trusted

its kinda like curfew if youre making it all the tie and dont argue it usually goes later

take your sister for a while and have an adult and then he will slowly trust u

Answer #3

My parents are light that there just over protective like mine,, what im doing which helps not to start fights is just be mature about things and dont throw fits and just wait till your older like 18 and they cant tell you what to do no more. Thats what im doing waititng till im an adult and I can make my own rules for my self but the older you act the more they shud trust you and I dont meanr ight away either

Answer #4

Sounds like he is just trying to make sure you are safe and not doing anything you are not supposed to do. Partially I can understand where he is coming from (I dont know how old you are) but I have a 13 year old daughter. Although she is very mature for her age, and we do trust her completely, it is others who we dont trust. Dads know what boys are thinking - they were there once.

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