How can I get my parents to let me sleepover at my friends houses?

K I really like my parents and all but my dad (and sometimes mom) wont let me sleepover at my friends houses they say they dont know my friends as well and yes they do. What can I say to them to let me sleepover or just hang out with my friends? Btw im 13. (:

Answer #1

maybe let them sleep at your house insted

Answer #2

Well, put yourself in your parents’ position.

They’re just trying to protect you, and it’s completely understandable.

Answer #3

have them come over and pick you up and have thgeir oparents talk to your parents. normally that worked for me

Answer #4

You should introduce your parents to their parents. I don’t know if that’s a good idea based on your individual situation, like if one of your friends parents are crack-heads or something. I guess my point is, if your parents know your friends parents, they would have a better insight into your friends lives, without needing to directly know them.

Answer #5

You’re only 13 / female…they Love you…want to protect you from possible dangers…NOT a bad thing !

Answer #6

Have their parents call your parents. Works every time.

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