Is the Paranormal Activity series real or fake?

is it based on a true story? are those real recordings?

Answer #1

I’m pretty sure they said the first one was based on a true story but the second and third one are just for entertainment and to keep it all going.

Answer #2

In Each One of those movies there are a lot of Real things that can happen!

Answer #3

The movies aren’t real, the recordings are fake but made to look real. The first movie is based on a true story though.

Answer #4

The first was based on a true story or something, but the last two were mainly for entertainment. I havent seen the 1st or 2nd, but Im going to see the 3rd one tonight, hope its good since Im paying hahah.

Answer #5

i heard it sucks!

Answer #6

I heard it was good, and that it was much better than the last two.

Answer #7

a lot of people says the ending is bad.

Answer #8

hmm..idk my friend said dont waste your money on facebook. so i really dont know but i do wanna go!

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