do you think beyonce is real or fake personality wise

I don’t know people tend to have mixed emotions about this what do you think

Answer #1

Beyonce is a famous millionaire. She is probably a snooty, stuck up diva which most famous millionaires are. The press portrays most famous people as nice and good and thats all due to press agents that they hire and pay to make them look good.

Answer #2

Given the way Beyonce looks I wouldn’t give two hoots about whether she’s real or fake personality wise. But if pressed, fairly real.

Answer #3

but I mean on interviews

Answer #4

do you get what the song is about though.?

Answer #5

yeah I thinkk I do but I dont listen to it often

Answer #6

like how she took credit for writing if I were a boy

Answer #7

I dont think beyonce is fake she is just doing what she’s doinq best. how is she fake anyway.?

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