Paranormal Activity

is paranormal activity good because all the hype it I getting makes it sound really really good or really really fake.

Answer #1

Worst. Movie. Ever. Go watch something else!

Answer #2

I personally don’t believe in ghost or paranormal activities, but do admire those who can really see ghosts and experience supernatural activities. (not wackos who THINK they can thou).

If legit priests or bishops are involved in removing paranormal activities from a house (after approval from the churches) then, YES, I would lean towards these stuff as being ‘real’ and ‘really’ ‘really’ scary.

Answer #3

I saw it with my sister, and I swear I was laughing the entire time. I was disappointed because I didn’t find it scary at all. On the other hand my sister was like crying out in fear and covering her eyes the whole time. She liked it and thought it was super scary.. So I don’t know..

Answer #4

it was amazing, but it scared the shittakei mushrooms outta me. could sleep with the lights off for a while . lol

Answer #5

I’m not old enough to see it, but my older brother saw it. He said it was good, and actually scary.


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