Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity?

Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity? Have you heard noises and you know you are the only one there? Perhaps you have found a coin or coins in an odd place?

As of late, I have caught several episodes of this particular show (Paranormal State) and it is very well done. Definitely holds your attention because you want to see what happens in the end.

Answer #1

i am 16 i say the death of my couzin before it hapened when i was younger i do talk with things that i cant explain i didnt belive in god but becuase i have seen the devil i now do belive in god god is the only one who could have saved my life several times i thought of sucide for so long becuase of it but im not scared anymore i am still looking for answeres i wonder becuase ever since i was little i always have had to ahve the tv when i went to bed to block out things that are trying to talk to me and i was wondering if the tvs electrical fild interfars with them i hope to someday help other children in my situation_yes i do belive in paranormal activity

Answer #2

i do believe in some things, such as ghosts. i like watching an shows about paranormal stuff.

Answer #3

Yes, I believe there is indeed truth to the paranormal. I’ve experienced quite a bit of it myself.

Answer #4

This is a good question! I’ve always believed that there was more to, well everything, than just what’s in front of us. I’ve always wondered whether we actually live on after death. I love watching shows where they go to ‘haunted’ places…

Answer #5

I am obsessed with shows like that. I love ghost hunters.

Answer #6

What show is it.

Answer #7

I am going to keep this really simple.

I totally believe that Paranormal State and other paranormal shows are pure bunkum. Entertaining perhaps, but not much more real than Spongebob Squarepants.

Answer #8

Theres some truth to everything

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