How can you know if a t.v show is real or faked?

like ghost hunters and any paranormal show, they say it’s real but how can you actually know?

Answer #1

you could try testing it unless it is really dangerous

Answer #2

I saw this on on true tv the other day that looks fake, something like redneck justice, it all looked staged. I thought True TV was supposed to be true

Answer #3

Lol I thought so to and found out differant

Answer #4

So you saw that, I had to turn it off after about 15 mins, it just sucked.

Answer #5

Yes I did, I didn’t keep it on long either

Answer #6

It’s more of a personal belief. A lot of the time, the people in the TV show are honestly broadcasting what they believe- They aren’t lying, they honestly believe they are contacting spirit etc. But most people watching the show won’t believe it at all. It’s not necessarily faked, because the presenters/producers are serious about what they are doing. But the audience will always have different points of view on what they believe and what they don’t.

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