Does anything bad happen to the baby in Paranormal Activity 2?

I really love paranormal activity 1, i went to buy paranormal activity 2 and it has a baby on the cover. I had to put it back. I love kids and i have small children at home and i cant watch if it does. So if somebody that has watched it can please re assure me, or warn me without details i would be grateful . Thankyou

Answer #1

he does not get hurt physically but gets taken away for ever. he cries. its still freaked me out tho

Answer #2

Omg that is really sad he never comes back. :’(. Poor baby

Answer #3

yea it takes him

Answer #4

:’(. thankyou for your answer

Answer #5

I have seen paranormal activity 1 and i loved that but i didn’t like paranormal activity 2. The baby was taken way without hurting it but it was more scary. They are trying to make paranormal activity 3 with the story of that baby which will be disclosed in paranormal activity 3

Answer #6

hmm mite be good

Answer #7

I am so glad that i did not buy it, i dont think they should make movies about babies getting taken away from there parents, especialy by a demon. Thats the worst thing that could happen to a parent. If i didnt have kids i could probably watch it.

Answer #8

It’s just a movie Relax..

Answer #9

i know 90% of the time i was wastching the movie i was yelling at the demon for messing with the baby lol

Answer #10

Well people usually watch a horror movie to watch some worst and scary things. And thats why people makes this kind of movies and some audience enjoys them too

Answer #11

its not real its just a movie

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