On Jan. 1, 2013, will you realize the con artsist were full of it?

For thousands of years, apocalyptic con men have been scaring people witless. It seems almost every generation “the end is nigh”. For this generation, the scare date seems to be 2012.

When Jan. 1, 2013 rolls around and the world didn’t end afterall, how many of the ‘fraidy cats peeing in their pants in fear will recognized that they have been duped, and that there is no ‘end of the world’ coming?

Answer #1

thedeviousalpaca 2012 is the end of the Mayan long count calendar nothing will happen, they had no prophets of doom it’s just an end of the calendar, which it starts over again, and they have prophecies that extend further than 2012 it’s just someone idiot causing mass hysteria

Answer #2

When will people realize to NOT believe in the Bible?

The mayan calender and the bible are two seperate things…you obviously have no idea WHAT you are talking about.

Answer #3

ummm thedeviousapaca I dont care what you thinkand will believe every last word in the Bible!!!

(If you couldn’t tell im a little angry) I am all about the “believe in what you want to scene” but I think it is very wrong to tell people specifically not to believe in something. sorry I just had to let that out :)

Answer #4

They’ll come up with another date. Those freaking Christians are full of bologna. When will people realize to NOT believe in the Bible?!

Answer #5

Lol Moe214 10/10 for that one ;-)

Toadaly - One can only wonder how many people will fall down on their knees on 2013 and thank gawd that they can live another day ;-)
Phew some people never learn…… Superstition and religion - hand in hand

(BTW love your post Toadaly)

Answer #6

They’ll say ‘Did I say 2012? I meant 2021’. I think the world ending in 2012 is a bunch of hogwash. lol

Answer #7

‘Bet you $10 they’ll come up wit ha new date for the End of the World lol’

They already have more dates ready for us.

Answer #8

I, personally, will breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to listen to one more person crying about 2012.

Answer #9

Most Christians don’t believe in the 2012 theory, we believe no one knows but God. =)

Answer #10

Probably none of them. lol

I however will be laughing at their stupidity and hysteria. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Answer #11

Bet you $10 they’ll come up wit ha new date for the “End of the World” lol

Answer #12

There’s always a new date…

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