How many of you realize that you are alive?

Not many people know what it is to realize how amazing it is to realize that you are alive. Do you REALLY REALIZE the fact that you can see and think and feel? do you realize that you are a part of an amazingly wondrous experience? do you see how amazing it is just to know that you are aware of your own existence? life is the ultimate question with out the ultimate answer. But there is an ultimate experience, and you can experience it by simply opening your eyes. it just seems like most people arent even aware of themselves being alive! (especially younger people). I just want to know how many of you really know what it feels like to be alive, and to TRULY realize the experience. (to see this experiance called life as the truest form of reality)

Answer #1

yeah. its really weird. like sometimes I can just be sitting there and then it just hits me, that I am really me. lol I really can see, feel, hear, and everything. that I am really alive and that I am really a person. its really weird when it hits me and it hits me at the most random times lol

Answer #2

blahblahblah89, if you are not sure about your existence, try thinking about death. If it was my imagination that brought all of you to life, then why do people die eventhough my imagination hasn’t actually murdered them? How come I don’t control my own imagination? I mean I can imagine myself flying in the sky with no wings, but in REAL life, I am a dead man if I try that. And now what do you call my 1st imagination if this whole life is also an imagination? an imagination within an imagination?? How do you explain the fact that there’s something in you that can’t accept that life is just what you imagine?? You may imagine everything, but how under sun can you imagine yourself? There will always be something missing. How does your imagination handle making you think that everyone exists, making you think that you exist and making you think that it exists, all at the same damn time? By the same token, we might be imagining that we are imagining things. How many imagination machines do we have to possess inorder to do that? infinite!

And, my friend, you are not imagining me! I am real! I EXIST! and so do you..

Follow me:

  1. I have my own imagination
  2. You have your own imagination
  3. I imagine that Sage exists
  4. You imagine that Sage exists

Here, we are imagining the SAME thing (that Sage exists) using our two INDEPENDENT imaginations. That puts us infront of one 2 assumptions:

  1. Our imaginations are not actually independent. We all share the same imagination. If so, then we agree. I call it existence, you call it imagination, but at the end of the day, we are speaking about the same thing, and most importantly, like Sage puts it, we REALIZE the same thing.
  2. Sage really exists.

She will continue to exist even if something happens to our imagination, ‘cause Sage and our imaginations are NOT linked at all.

Most importantly, where did you get your imagination from? This is a question you can’t answer with your imagination ‘cause the answer is beyond it. The answer, my friend, is God. God is something that can’t be covered by your imagination no matter how fertile and powerful it is. God doesn’t belong to the dimension that we can imagine.

Hey, we agree about the electron thingy!

warmheart, we are alive ‘cause God made us alive, not ‘cause we are in Moses, Jesus or Muhammad. Perhaps religion makes us feel MORE alive. As a muslim, I believe in Jesus and The Noble Bible, but it’s God, not Jesus or Muhammad, that I worship.

Sage, thank you for this beautiful post!

Keep your head high up, my friends Greetings from Egypt!


Answer #3

consciousness- the awakening of self- is the human experience there’s a whole world of literature collecting dust; that describes— the journey —lets put together the puzzle dancing naked around bonfires— welcome to the new world

Answer #4

It is amazing like how we all do stuff wu own way like…but am too tired to think any more about it its gonna pure blag me head haha

Answer #5

this sort of thing is what I am talking about. first of all, I know that I am not you imagination because I am conscious of my existance. it is all about REALization and seeing REALITY in its REAL TRUE PURE form, as REAL.

Answer #6

It is amazing really. If you can keep that perspective in mind, you will appreciate life that much more.

Answer #7

Amen warmheart - he who knows the Son is free indeed !!

Answer #8

We truly are alive when we are in Christ!

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