Genisis 1:27

If God supposidly created man in his own image and likeness, then why are men so terrible?

Either God didnt create us, or God is pretty terrible too.

Answer #1

Yes god created us in his image, but with that god gave us free will. We think 4 ourselves & make up our own minds, we are terrible because we have the power to chosse 4 ourself and sum of chosse 2 do things that are not rite, and some of us do what is.

Answer #2

God created us all to be amazing people but he also gave us the choice to make choices. thats why at first he flooded the earth only saving what he needed but then he promised to never do it agian. and thats where the rainbow comes from, its a reminder of his promise and his respect

Adam and Eve were just people they had the option of choice and they chose. all we can do is belive that God is there and thank him everyday for the life he has givin us and the choices he lets us chose from.

my point is is that God gave us choices and we have to chose the right one, but as people we are easily presuaded into chosing the wrong one

Answer #3

I really dont thnk that we shud b bashng any ones God… if sum of you dont believe and it than dont say its not real or “hullabaloo” and that God is a “Douche” thats just completly rude… yea voultureofculture im tlkng to u… and jello I thnk its great you want to learn about religion but y ask the question and when your given the CORRECT answer by believers of Christ our savior you say things like it ddnt even happen??

to answer your question why is man so horrable its bc adam and Eve were lured and bi the angel lucifer to eat the specific fruit they were told not to.. they ate the apple any way and created the sinfulful natue upon man… also no one is saying that God is able to sin bc of of adam and eve.. God is simply perfect, infallable… *voultueofculture pleez mature before answerng questions like these.. =) k?

Answer #4

Men are terrible because god gave them choice,he gave them choice so they were not forced to love, and by choice human kind messes themselves up.

Answer #5

Yeah were created in his image…but he didnt make us perfect…like he is…

Everyone makes mistakes…and he is not terrible…he is amazing…

Just…he didnt make us robots…he lets us make our own decisions in life…

So there you have it…

Answer #6

Dude you don’t understand much. Image is visual, it has nothing to do with how you act. Also a sin is willful disobedience of God. I don’t think God can actually disobey himself.

He created us in his likeness and gave us free will.

Answer #7

I dunno, probably we look like Him but I dont think He can control our actions soo… ya. and I think it was only adam and eve that were actually like Him and then they had kids and the farther it went the farther they got from God.

Answer #8

If God is omnipotent, why didnt God forsee that Lucifer would turn evil, mankind would end up sinning, and he’d have to flood the earth? I mean why not prevent all of this from happening in the first place?

Answer #9

your missing my point.

If Eve was really created in God’s own image, then how was she capable of sinning in the first place?

Answer #10

you spelled it wrong!

anyway I think it depends on which bible you read (that is if you are gullible enough to believe all that hullaballoo anyway..)

in the new testament Gods an awesome guy who performs miracles for the poor and blah blah blah…

in the old testament Hes a bit of a douche…

Answer #11

The whole fall from grace thing makes no sense to me anyway. The sin was disobedience but they had not yet eaten from the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil) yet in order to even understand they were disobeying. They could only realize the wrongness of the act AFTER they had committed it. In my mind, that pretty much tells me that the whole story has nothing to do with human morality.

Answer #12

God wanted some authority in the garden of Eden so he told Adam and Eve to not eat the apples as a sign of authority. But as you know… Eve was tempted by the devil and she ate the apple and understood what was good and what was bad.

Yes. We are created in God’s own image and likeness but theres the devil who tempts us and most of us humans (like Eve) are weak enough to give in to the devil. Most of the time we just want to forget about God and do whats right in our perspective.

Answer #13

Eve was able to sin even though she was made in God’s image because she wasn’t holy like God I mean yea she was a spirit but she wasn’t made exactly like God so it was still possible for her to sin and before she ate the fruit she didn’t know evil but after the serpent tricked her and she ate it her eyes were opened to all the good and evil and they became human and that’s how sin came into the world

Answer #14

God did create us but the reason why we are so ‘terrible’ is because of all the sin in the world. Basically it started with the angel Lucifer being the most beautiful angel who wore every single gem but one day iniquity was found in his heart and he got the idea that he wanted to be higher than God but God didn’t allow it so he banned Lucifer from Heaven and from then on Lucifer became Satan and he has been out to kill,steal, and destroy everybody and he knows all of our weaknesses because he has lived basically since the beginning and he manipulates people to do evil

Answer #15

dude, jellos point is pretty simple… THERE IS NO MAGICAL FORCE THAT CREATED US!

you shouldnt answer religious ‘intolerance’ with just saying “well…god is holy THATS WHY!”

side note: theres no way someone would go to hell for eating a f*cking apple…

if that happened and Eve was ‘indulging in something god told her not to’ then why does an apple a day keep a doctor away?


does god have a problem with health care too?

Answer #16

because man sinned-first by Adam and Eve and so it is in all mankind- and God is holy and so we have to be separated from Him. Thankfully we can be reconected if we accept Him as our personal savior

Answer #17

Who are you to say what in the bible is a metaphor? Last I checked you were not God or the author of the Book of Genesis.

Answer #18

Image is not supposed to be visual, its a metaphor dumbass. :P

Answer #19

Adam and Eve never happened first of all.

Second of all, your saying that God is capable of sinning because Eve did.??

Answer #20

because adam and eve created the sin nature?

Answer #21

ty Dude, quite reading my mind! XP

lol, dude, you know people are to blind to actually comprehend what you’re saying, lol.

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