Do you ever realize yourself thinking about death and what's after?

Yeah, well I’m just wondering. Do you ever catch yourself thinking about death and what’s after? It’s hard for me to get my head around dying and spending an eternity wherever we do go. It’s weird and I feel very sad after that. Hahaha.

Answer #1

Yes - As a Christian who has accepted the free gift of Salvation (Jesus Christ), you can know where you’ll spend eternity - know that answer - one verse says it all: John 3 : 16…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

im waiting for it… nah just kidding yeah I think about death. so whats the big deal, we die, we dont exist anymore and a genetic clone with the exact DNA and looks will be born after 3 billion babies (rebirth maybe) for all I know I could have a copy already…

Answer #3

Im a bit agnostic, atheist, and Buddhist. I hate to think about death but I do. I think about spending my life the way I want. With no regrets. but sometimes I think there is a God but no proven physical evidence. And to think there isn’t one, howd the world start, who made the universe you know? So no one can give you an answer. So why not be invovled with something you know that exists and can enjoy, your life.

Answer #4

Haha, thanks a lot for the replies. Good to know people share the same thoughts hahaha. I still can’t just stop worrying about it though. Agh. =)

Answer #5

Because I’m Buddhist, I don’t believe in eternal life in heaven or hell. Instead, it is my belief that we are reborn.

What we are born into is decided by the law of karma, so it’s important that we make the best of the life we are given. Good deed reap good rewards. :)

Answer #6

Like Jimahl, once I accepted that death is simply the permanent end of life, I quit worrying so much about it. After life concepts are supposed to bring comfort, but they don’t really.

Answer #7

I used to, until I accepted the fact that there is nothing after death. It is a very comforting thought actually. Not having to worry about appeasing some unknown unseen meglomania in the sky.

Answer #8

yea its normal

Answer #9

no because im have manic depressiona dn I always think about that stuff

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Answer #11

No one knows until they are there.

Answer #12

Yeah , I’ve always wondered what it would be like :/ Creepy thoughts.

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